I started my career as Customer Support Engineer, System Administrator and Expertise in Linux Network, Open Source, IaaS, Virtualization and Networking. This gives me an edge in conceptualizing and developing new features & helps me delivering successful projects as IT Manager.

I have more than 15+ years of Extensive experience in IT Industry combining Managerial and Technical expertise in the –

  • Project Management,
  • Local & Remote Infrastructures Management,
  • Data Center Management & Migration,
  • DR Site Management Cloud Computing,
  • Virtualization,
  • IT Consolidation,
  • Task & Process Automation,
  • Cloud Computing,
  • Cellular Gateway 3G/4G Product Development and Connectivity,
  • EV Charger Connectivity – Remote to Central Location,
  • Smart City Solutions / Management – City Surveillance, City Hotpots, Intelligent Transport System, ATM Surveillance,
  • Vendor Management,
  • IT budgeting and leading high performance team.

I eager to know about New Technologies, Sports, Current Affairs and World politics. I love nature, surroundings, reading, writing tech blogs, sporting and exploring the world. I am fun loving and likes the company of thinking and simple people like me. I know how to find solution and take care of self without troubling others.

My rule – Don’t worry be happy. Things cannot be so bad to break your head on it. So till the time you are alive you can do wonders in your life.